Barry M Sunset Nails Daylight Curing Can’t Get You Out Of My Red

I can’t help myself but fall for every new beauty gimmick going so when I heard Barry M had released a nail polish and top coat which sets like gel in daylight, I rushed straight to Boots to get my hands on it! Sunset Nail polishes claim to cure in daylight to set hard like a gel, rather than having to cure them under a UV lamp.

I wasn’t sure whether to apply a base coat, but I thought since this polish was red it might be best to use one just to avoid staining. Can’t Get You Out Of My Red is a classic pillar box red, due to the improved, flat, square brush application was easy and I applied two coats of colour. This nail polish is very very thick, but both the colour and the top coat were easy to apply and have dried nicely. I haven’t been out in the daylight yet so I can’t comment on whether it has hardened them, although even in the house with the light on they seem to have set very hard. I’m not sure how the polish on my toes is going to be exposed to daylight as I’m not sure I can saunter into the office on Monday morning wearing my sandals! I will do an update next week as to how long this polish lasted and whether any chips appeared.

All in all I’m very pleased with this colour and top coat, especially for how cheap they were! Photographs show a base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat. Thanks for reading!


Nails Inc Optic Wave

How happy was I this week to see that there was a free Nails Inc polish in Boots with every purchase of Colgate toothpaste?! The colours available were blue, green, pink and red. I chose the green polish which I think is called Optic Wave.

Optic Wave is a weird shade in that, it looks mint green in the bottle but goes on a kind of light duck-egg blue. The formula of this polish is quite runny which made it challenging to paint my toes, although with care it was achievable.

It was opaque after one coat but photographs show a base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat.

Thanks for reading!


MAC Everyday Diva

Bank holidays mean treats, so this weekend I treated myself to a new lipstick and lip liner. MAC Everyday Diva is a glossy, pillar box red, classic lipstick. I got the MAC Cherry lip pencil to use with it and it blends perfectly. I really like this lipstick, I’ve never worn red before but I thought it was about time to try new things away from my favoured baby pink or nude lipsticks.

Everyday Diva is really bright and I think it really compliments my skin tone. It’s not something I would wear during the day to work, as I wouldn’t feel office appropriate in this given my full lips and prominent Cupid’s Bow, however, I think this will definitely be my go to on upcoming nights out! Application was easy enough, but without using a lipliner you wouldn’t have to have the steadiest hands known to mankind to get this on perfectly. Using a lipliner to outline my lips made applying this lipstick simple and quick. I would certainly recommend MAC Cherry as an ideal partner to this lipstick.
Everyday Diva and Cherry are available to buy here and here.

What do you think and which lipsticks are you loving at the moment? Let me know and thanks for reading!


Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Guava

This week’s manicure and pedicure is a vibrant turquoise/aqua summer shade, perfect for the recent weather we’ve been having! This is the second Barry M polish I’ve tried, the first being Mustard, and I’m impressed with the formula. Application would have been made easier with a larger, flatter brush, but the formula can’t be faulted. This polish has a thick consistency so thin coats were needed, it was perfectly opaque after one coat.

I really like this polish, it’s so bright and shiny and looks equally pretty on both my fingers and toes! I think it will look nice with peeptoe shoes and sandals.

Photographs show a base coat, 2 coats of colour and a topcoat. Thanks for reading!



Maybelline New York Color Show Electric Yellow

Continuing last week’s yellow theme, this week’s manicure and pedicure is Maybelline New York Color Show Electric Yellow. I hadn’t used any of the Maybelline nail polishes before now so I was curious to find out what this polish would be like. Electric Yellow is a warm tone, almost mustard, colour. I must say, it suits my skin tone a lot better than my previous yellow mani/pedi! I like this colour loads as it’s very pretty and really suits me. I’m going to say this is my favourite yellow so far!

This polish has a very runny consistency, after one coat it was very streaky and to be entirely honest, it is still slightly streaky after two. In future when I wear this polish I will ensure to paint three coats of colour, as I think the finish would really benefit from this. Application, however, was easy enough and the brush is a nice shape which allowed me to get a good shape without flooding my cuticles or painting to the bottom of my nails.

Photographs show a base coat, 2 coats of colour, and a top coat. Thanks for reading!




Rimmel London Chin Up, Buttercup

I took advantage of a 3 for 2 offer on nail varnishes today in Boots and this week’s manicure and pedicure is one of the colours I bought. Chin Up, Buttercup is a bright yellow shade, I’d say it was more lemon than buttercup coloured though. It’s almost neon, very eighties and I love it!

Application was easy and I only needed 2 coats to get the colour opaque, this polish is from Rimmel’s 60 Seconds Super Shine range and the brush is really easy to use due to the square shape. I much prefer square brushes and they are a dream to use and make shaping the polish and avoiding flooding your cuticles a breeze.

I would absolutely recommend this polish, it’s so bright, sunny and summery – it looks great on my toes, I can’t wait to show it off in sandals. Photographs show a base coat, 2 coats of colour, and a top coat. Although it is slightly brighter in real life than it is in these pictures. Thanks for reading!



Liebster Award

I have been nominated for this so many times and have only just gotten round to answering these questions now! I do apologise for my rudeness! Here we go!:

  1. Who is your favourite singer or band? This is a hard one, I like Motown a lot, I suppose I’d have to choose Michael Jackson. Legend.
  2. What is your favourite food?  My favourite food is either Dominos pizza (veggie supreme with added jalapeños) or pie, mash and mushy peas from The Redhouse on Newcastle quayside.
  3. If you could travel to any country in the world, where would it be? I’d probably like to live in Ghana. For just a holiday, I’d like to visit Jamaica.
  4. Why did you start blogging? Because I spend a lot of money on nail varnish!
  5. Who is your celebrity crush? Probably Rihanna.
  6. If you were stranded on an island and you were only allowed to have one thing with you, what would it be? Music, for sure.
  7. Facebook, instagram or twitter? Instagram
  8. Can you drive? Of course!
  9. Favourite make-up brand? Estée Lauder
  10. What made you smile today? My dog
  11. Do you have any hobbies ? Shopping, drinking, watching NUFC & Black Stars

Thanks to gqueenbeauty for my initial nomination, as these are the questions I have used.

Thanks for reading!


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