Goldfish as prizes

So, today we went to Morpeth fair. It was so nice, the weather was gorgeous and Morpeth is so pretty. We had a really good day out, the food was good and I won a Finding Nemo toy on hook-the-duck. Although the day was somewhat marred by some of the other prizes being given away.

We were dismayed to find live goldfish being given away as prizes. Animals are not commodities that should be given away or purchased on a whim, they have feelings and deserve to have quality of life. How do the stall holders know that the people they are rewarding with these creatures have the know-how and equipment at home to ensure their well being. The fish weren’t being given away with any food, how many people have fish food in their houses if they don’t already own a fish?

The fish were being stored in large crates, in the open sunshine in huge numbers. Goldfish are easily stressed and in these circumstances can struggle for oxygen. They were given away in either plastic bags or tiny little tanks which are inadequate to hold a goldfish. Most of them will probably die shortly after, if not before, reaching their new home.

This cruel practice, while not illegal, is certainly unethical and has to stop. The RSPCA website advised contacting the local authority in cases of goldfish being won at fairs, so as soon as I got home I emailed both Morpeth Town Council and Northumberland County Council with photographic evidence and am awaiting a response.

I’d ask anyone reading this to sign this petition to try to bring to an end this cruel tradition, which today took some of the shine off an otherwise canny day out.






One response to “Goldfish as prizes

  1. natasha

    Stop this unnecessary suffering

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