Blow drying natural hair

I’d been struggling for a while to blow dry my hair with a round brush. It would never turn out like it did when the hairdresser did it and it used to take oh. so. longggggg. But just like my perfect foundation (see previous post) I’ve finally found my perfect brush!

I have only recently (for about the past year) started blow drying my hair. I used to leave it to air dry and put it in protective styles constantly. I had the longest ever hair, I’m not kidding lasses, waist length natural afro hair, can you imagine? I’d been growing it with only the occasion trim since I went natural at 17. Earlier this year I decided it was time for a change and had a significant amount cut off. As my hair is now a lot easier (and quicker) to work with I’ve been trying different things.

Blow drying with a round brush was taking hours (yep, hours) and all that heat couldn’t have been good for my hair so I thought I’d try a paddle brush. OMG – how much easier please?! I managed to blow dry my hair bone straight in just 40 minutes!! I only divided it into 8 sections too rather than my usual 16. I didn’t even need to run through it with my flat iron afterwards because the result was so good.

This might just seem like common sense or stating the obvious to a lot of you, but for years and years I didn’t do anything with my hair, I didn’t own a brush and only used wide tooth combs or afro combs to detangle once a week. It is only recently at the age of 29 that I have had the confidence to wear my hair down and enjoy it, thanks to a special friend telling me in no uncertain terms that ‘it is just hair’ (thanks kid) so I’m enjoying trying new things and working out which products work for me.

I am over the moon with my three Denman brushes and my favourite one, the paddle brush, can be purchased from Boots here

Have any of you got any tips for me on blow drying or products/general care for my natural hair? Feel free to leave them in the comments. Cheers, lasses.




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