Wash Day!

So, as you know by now (from previous posts) I have completely natural hair, which I wash & blow dry every 7-10 days. I LOVE trying new products on my hair and I fall for every single ‘thicker, stronger, healthier’ claim going from new products! Anyway, in my 29 years on the earth I have never once walked into a mainstream shop in this city and seen products targeted at natural hair just sat, sitting there on the shelves waiting to be purchased. Well, not until a few months ago.

Huge props to Boots in Eldon Square then! You can’t even imagine my excitement! You honestly can’t. I first tried the Organix Argan Oil & Shea Butter shampoo & conditioner. They were alright but nothing I would rave about, they left my hair slightly dry and my curl pattern wasn’t hugely defined my them. I probably wouldn’t repurchase.

Step forward Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Gentle Softening Wash & Knot-Out Conditioner with mango oil & bamboo milk. These are sulphate free (I must confess I don’t pay much attention to ingredients, I usually just judge products by their results). I really like the way these products smelled and the way they made my hair feel. It was so so soft after washing.

The shampoo easily removed all product build up from my hair and the conditioner made detangling easy. I only detangle my hair on wash days, I would be hesitant to brush or comb my hair more than once a week and I certainly wouldn’t brush/comb my hair whilst dry, so it is important for me to detangle properly and easily. I’m not sure if these products actually ‘elongate’ my curls or have any real anti shrinkage properties, but I didn’t blow dry my hair straight away like I usually do and I was happy with the way my curls looked and felt.


Unfortunately, these products don’t seem to be available on the Boots website or I would have included links to them. I am definitely happy with the Dark & Lovely products and will certainly be repurchasing. I like to alternate between shampoo & conditioner so I will use these once every other wash day. Do any of you have any natural hair tips for me of any product ideas you think I should try? My hair product purchasing never ends so please leave any advice in the comments!


Cheers, lasses!


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