Eylure Katy Perry Oh My! Lashes

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while. I love wearing lashes when I go out, I feel like they really add to a look, especially in photographs. My favourite lashes are the Katy Perry Oh My! Lashes by Eylure.

If you haven’t worn lashes before I think you’ll find these ones the easiest to apply from the Eylure Katy Perry range simply because they are so thick, meaning there is a lot of surface area on which to apply the glue and stick them to your eyelids. I like to draw a thick black line with liquid eyeliner, apply the glue provided, wait 30 seconds for the glue to go sticky, and then apply them where I want them.

I haven’t found it necessary to trim these lashes at all and unlike certain other lashes they fit perfectly to my eye straight from the box. They’re not exactly what I’d call a natural look, but that is not the look I go for anyways. They have a slightly sixties feel to them as they are very black, thick and bold.

These lashes are available to buy from Boots here and can be worn about five or six times before they lose their shape if you are careful with them.

Photographs show me with and without lashes for a comparison.

Thanks for reading.


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