Benefit The POREfessional

I always feel slightly conscious of my pores being large and I dislike the fact my make up sits in them and so doesn’t look as smooth as it could, so I thought I’d give the Benefit Porefessional primer a try. This primer claims to minimise the look of pores.

I found it easy to apply, I patted it on the problem areas on my cheeks and it immediately gave an airbrushed look. It set like concrete! However, after I’d applied my foundation, powder and blusher the result was somewhat diminished from the initial application without make up. It certainly did minimise my pores, but definitely didn’t get rid of them all together which I would have much preferred. However, as a primer it is amazing! My make up was set for the entire day, I only did a couple of powder touch ups through an entire working day, 8 hours in an air conditioned office. For my oily skin this is unbelievable!! So I’m quite pleased with my purchase.

BEFORE: my make up without Porefessional.
AFTER: my make up with Porefessional.


4 responses to “Benefit The POREfessional

  1. I love the pore professional, I got it first as a sample and fell in love with it!

  2. lovely post, would love if you could check out my skincare blog for oily skin at

  3. I have a suggestion, I see you love Estee lauder products, I do as well. My suprisingly most fav product from them is their bronzer!!! It changed my outlook on my routine. Days when I don’t feel like going in and doing my entire face I apply the bronzer, some gloss, brush my brows and walk out the door. It minimizes pores and gives me a complete airbrushed look, in fact when I have makeup gigs it works on my non African American clients as well!!! Girl try it. And now I have an idea for a post. I will do a b4 and after for you today. Muah 💋😘

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