MAC Honeylove & Hover

I’m loving the current trend for beige / nude lips, so thought I’d give it a go for myself. I usually like to wear a muted lip tone anyways as I have quite full lips, I don’t like my daytime look to bring lots of attention!

I have been wearing the MAC Honeylove matte lipstick and Hover lip liner for about a month now and I really like the way they look with my daytime makeup. I have quite a prominent Cupid’s Bow and I think the using the Hover lip liner along with the lipstick really accentuates this.

The one thing I find about wearing a matte lipstick is that if your lips are slightly dry or cracked this will be highlighted, so it is important to have moisturised and exfoliated lips in order to pull off this product. Honeylove and Hover are available to buy on the MAC website and are both well worth the money in my opinion 🙂 thanks for reading!



One response to “MAC Honeylove & Hover

  1. Hey, love your blog, I’ve nominate you for the liebster award, check it out…
    Louise xx

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