Gel Nails

I hadn’t had gel nails on before so I thought I’d give them a try, my manicures and pedicures usually last a week with normal nail varnish so my expectations of a gel manicure and pedicure were pretty high. I went to Thorns in Newcastle upon Tyne to get them done, I didn’t need an appointment and was seen very quickly. Staff were friendly and polite and the price was very reasonable (it cost me £15 for fingers and £18 for toes).

On arrival I paid for my treatment and was shown to the nail bar where a member of staff removed my normal nail polish from my fingers and toes and filed the surface of my nails, I assume this was to help the gel adhere to the nails surface more thoroughly. After that I chose a colour (black) and a different member of staff applied a base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat to my nails. Each coat was cured under a UV light for 60 seconds before the next coat was applied. This process was repeated for my toes.

I really like how shiny my gel nail polish looks, it’s now the 8th day since I had them done and they still look as good as when I first left the salon, although slightly grown out which, if I’m entirely honest, is bothering me. I think I’d definitely get them done again, I think they’d be ideal for going on holiday if you don’t want to take nail polishes but still want chip free nails for a fortnight. Overall I’m pleased, although I do miss painting my nails!

Information on Thorns Newcastle can be found here. Photographs show freshly painted gels and 8 day old gels. Let me know what you think!

   First day

  8th day


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