Color Club Kapow!

Color Club Kapow! is a neon pink with a purple sheen. It’s what I would describe as a complete Barbie pink. It is so, so vibrant; definitely not for any shrinking violets among you! It has turned some heads today & this is the first day I’ve worn it. I originally saw this colour on Instagram a couple of days ago on a nail blogger & knew immediately I had to have it. A little bit of research lead me to find it was released in summer 2014, but thankfully I found it still available on Amazon. It was £5 which isn’t unreasonable given how beautiful it is.

Application was okay, it could have been better if the brush was bigger and flatter but it wasn’t a disaster. The formula is a gorgeous jelly which applied patchy on the first coat but evened out with the second. A pleasant surprise was the shine it has, even before a top coat it was shiny, whereas with previous neon polishes I’ve worn this hasn’t been the case and they’ve dried to a matte finish before top coat application.

Photographs show Essie First Base, 2 coats of colour & Essie Good To Go top coat.

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Nails Inc Fiesta

I just love it when Nails Inc give away free nail polishes with a magazine. This month with Marie Claire you can choose from 4 different Nails Inc shades, I chose Fiesta which is a vibrant pink colour. The formula of this polish is amazing! One coat would have been suffice, which made application easy.

Photographs show a base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat, although these photographs don’t capture entirely the true shade of the polish, in reality it is a deep shade of the pink, the photos make it look brighter than it is. In some lights it is almost red. I’m really pleased with this colour, I don’t usually buy magazines but it was definitely worth making an exception for this free gift. I think this polish will look stunning all through summer, and it looks especially nice on my toes as we speak – I cannot wait until it is warm enough to wear sandals to show it off! If Barbie got a pedicure I think she’d choose Nails Inc Fiesta!

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Nails Inc Shoreditch

This week I have gone for a classic and an old favourite for my manicure and pedicure. Nails Inc Shoreditch is a vibrant Barbie pink and is one of my all time top nail varnishes! It is also one of the first Nails Inc polishes that I bought!

Application is easy, the colour is opaque with one coat but I think it’s always best to apply two. Shoreditch is available to purchase here and is described on the website as a hot pink.

Photographs show one coat of Essie Grow Stronger base coat, 2 coats of Nails Inc Shoreditch and 1 coat of Essie Good To Go top coat.

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In defence of Barbie

So today, scrolling through the Guardian I noticed yet another article disparaging Barbie. How many times have we heard that Barbie is on her way out? (If you regularly read the Guardian, you’ve heard this an infinite number of times). Barbie may well be decreasing in popularity, but with the rise in popularity of children playing with computers/iPads & such like, surely the sales of all traditional dolls could well be declining.

Anyway, something which has always baffled me about the outcries from certain feminists that Barbie is a poor toy for little girls to play with is how? Barbie has had close to 150 (!) careers, she’s been a doctor, an astronaut, a vet and even president of the United States. Whereas the Disney princesses, with the exception of Pocahontas & Tiana have all exclusively been waiting for their prince. Only Princess Tiana has had a job or any career ambitions (to own her own restaurant). Why is no one vilifying them in the same way they are hounding Barbie. If anything, Barbie is a step up from these stereotypes. Couple this with the fact that Barbie’s long term boyfriend, Ken has never worked, she is supporting him! She’s a feminist icon! (Maybe not, but there are worst things children could be doing than playing with Barbie).

Yes, Barbie is blonde, tall, thin & beautiful, but as a brown girl, I loved her as a child, I certainly didn’t feel inferior due to the standard of beauty she supposedly set for me. I mean, she’s a doll. She’s been a doll for 55 years (and looking good on it) has she also been responsible for eating disorders for this long too? I don’t think so. Studies to the contrary have used small sample sizes and even conclude that any negative images a small sample of girls may have about themselves are negated with the ageing of the child.

Calls for plus size Barbies are preposterous, being overweight is unhealthy, why should Barbie pander to the feelings of mollycoddled children in order to encourage them to lead an unhealthy lifestyle? Instead of telling them to accept themselves the way they are in the midst of an obesity epidemic, surely we should encourage them to care about their weight by persuading them to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s not forget either, Barbie is not really a role model, she’s just a doll. As a little girl playing with my Barbies in the 80s, I definitely didn’t look at Barbie as a woman I aspired to be, anymore than I’m sure little girls do now. She was my doll and if she taught me anything, surely it was that I could be anything I wanted to be.

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